Lots of fun while making this amazing Fabric Chest Plus - with hidden compartment, adding all the divisions and little spaces that will hide a special tray that can be only revealed once the

back of the box is opened!

It's a clever idea and it's not easy to find how to access the hidden compartment, what

adds to the fun!

The inside of the box can hold a lot! Isn't just fun to make, it's also functional to use! Perfect for sewing notions, threads, art supplies, jewelry, make up and whatever else you decide to use it for.


Every Cartonnage project is more than just a box!

It's a piece of love, memories, and anexpression of your affection.

This project is a great opportunity to start using your beautiful stash of fabrics in a different way, creating an amazing fabric box and surprise your loved ones with one-of-a-kind handmade gift!


You can start from the scratch preparing all your cardboard pieces to make the box, OR (most recommended) you can start from DIY kits with all cardboard pieces already pre-cut in the sizes required.

Fabric is NOT included in the kits, you will use your favorite fat quarters! 

Click here to purchase DIY kit.

Check out the course curriculum:

It is over 14 hours of detailed video tutorials plus a quick written guide:

  Welcome to Making the Treasure Chest Plus Course
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Available in days
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  VIDEO TUTORIALS - SECTION 1 - Making the chest
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  SECTION 2: Making the trays (AVAILABLE BY OCTOBER 13, 2022)
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Available in days
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What is included in the pricing

of this Online Course?

  • Lot`s of un gluing fabric.
  • Complete video tutorials showing step by step how to make this beautiful box (over 14 hours of fun gluing).
  • Teacher's support (yes, your questions will be answered)
  • Lifetime access to this course.
  • Dimensions and templates to make the project all by yourself.
  • DIY kits are not included, but It is available for purchase in our shop. Click here. (note: DIY kits are strongly recommended).
  • Note: Fabrics ARE NOT included in the DIY Kits.

This project Is a variation from a project of Claudia's book - Cartonnage Basics & Beyond. The book was published in 2017 and many fabric lovers have made the projects of the book. Now, inspired by the Treasure chest, this new box was designed to have the hidden compartment. The final size of both boxes are the same, what change is the inside and the construction.

Meet Claudia

I'm Claudia Squio - founder of ColorWay Arts and the teacher here. I've been designing and making cartonnage boxes and other projects for a while, and it feels like forever!

I'm the author of the Book Cartonnage Basics & Beyond - the complete guide for fabric box making.

I have a real passion for crafts, especially fabric related, I love the texture, the combinations, but I was never good at sewing (don't tell anyone!), so I found gluing fabric relaxing and wonderful.

And, most of all, I LOVE teaching and sharing this amazing technique with thousands of fabric/paper lovers through my local and online classes and my Cartonnage Club.

I'm a Brazilian-American living in Michigan with my wonderful supportive family - husband and two kids.


LOVE, Claudia

Frequently Asked Questions

What crafting skills do I need to be able to do Cartonnage?

None! No expensive machines, no sewing to work with Cartonnage. In this technique we use paper boards, fabric and glue as the main material. The tools are very simple and easy to find.

Should I be live to participate?

No, this is a recorded video tutorial course and you can watch at your best time/pace

Is there close caption available?

Unfortunately there isn't close caption.

I am having trouble for sign up or viewing the videos. What should I do?

If you are not able to sign up, apply coupon code, or are having trouble with viewing the videos, please email [email protected] with a description of the problem and we will work on resolving the issue.