What if you already know how to make cartonnage boxes and or cases and want to have even more fun adding YOUR ART to your projects? That's a great way to create one-of-a-kind gifts, personalize them, make them so unique!

What will you get in this course?

Here you will learn how to add your art to the projects, using frames, or making the art specially to create the whole piece out of it. Lot's of details, special tips and tricks to plan the complete project, and make it the best you can.

Note that this is not a course to learn how to make boxes....it's supposed that you already know that.... or will learn from my other online courses, this one is the place to learn how to apply your art while making the boxes, lots of tips and tricks to start planning your next unique box!

This course is under construction, more videos will be added soon!


I'm Claudia Squio a Brazilian-American artist living in Michigan and focusing on fabric cartonnage, that is a traditional art of making boxes covered with fabric or paper. I design fabric boxes and cases and teach this technique at quilt stores, quilt guilds and also through my online cartonnage school. I have authored the book “Cartonnage Basics & Beyond – The complete guide to make fabric boxes”. Besides creating the pieces and teaching I also develop some DIY kits and tools that can be used for my students to have fun, feel the relaxing power of crafting and facilitate the process of fabric box making. Are you ready for some fun? Join me!

See what students of cartonnage online courses are saying

I have done most of the online courses available. The online courses are very well done and, like all of Claudia’s products, very detailed. Also, she is available to answer questions if you have them and I really appreciate her quick response. You have access to the free and paid classes and videos at any time. ( There’s nothing like taking a Cartonnage course in your jammies—lol) Marita

Claudia does an excellent job of describing the process of Cartonnage. The videos are easy to follow and Claudia explains each step in great detail. You can rewind and fast forward to do the work at your own pace. Claudia will answer any of your questions that come up. Cartonnage does not require any specialized tools but the toolkit makes things easier. The kits will save you time because all the paper is already cut out. But you can cut the paper out yourself too. Cartonnage is fun and not difficult to learn! I would recommend these videos for anyone interested in learning about Cartonnage. Betsy

I just finished my Cartonnage small box project, using Claudia's video tutorials and tools. The course was fun and included easy to follow lessons that were broken up into sections that made construction simple. Claudia explains everything, including materials required, how to's that are easy to follow and replicate, and clear and concise videos that show you what you need to do to complete the project. Using Claudia's spacer tool and corner miter tool takes all the guess work out of cutting and placement of pieces for perfect corners and spacing. Cartonnage is a great way to use up fat quarters and scraps that you have in your stash! The result is a wonderful piece of art that you can enjoy yourself or give as a cherished gift! Vicki

I am not a skilled crafter, but Claudia's online classes made me feel like one! I found the instructions were detailed yet clear and simple to follow. It was fun. I am delighted with the results. It is particularly important for me as a visual learner to see the instructions and then follow with her demonstrations. I could follow and complete each process with ease and confidence step by step. Her attention to detail is valuable in the processesCheri

Course Curriculum

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  MODULE 2 - YOUR EMBROIDERIES (or other arts) ON CARTONNAGE PROJECTS (using frames or windows)
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  MODULE 3 - YOUR QUILTS (or other arts) ON CARTONNAGE PROJECTS (as the main fabric)
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  MODULE 4 - A simple and unique bookmark with needle weaving
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  MODULE 5 - Punch needle in cartonnage - a different idea
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  Users interface
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Frequently Asked Questions

What crafting skills do I need to be able to do Cartonnage?

None! No expensive machines, no sewing to work with Cartonnage. In this technique we use paper, fabric and glue as the main material. The tools are very simple and easy to find.

When can I access this course?

You will have full access to this and all of other courses as soon as you join the membership.

How long do I have access to the courses?

As long as you are a member you will have full access to membership courses and community. If you cancel your subscription then you will not have access to the courses and community anymore.

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I am having trouble for sign up or viewing the videos. What should I do?

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